Spring Parent Pick Up Letter

Dear Parents and Guardians who drive into our school to pick up their child / children at the end of the day.  As spring approaches we need your help to keep dismissal safe and orderly fro everyone. 

Please help us with the following: 

  • Do not arrive to park outside the Hanson gate prior to 3:05. Our driveway is getting blocked with cars as early as 2:30. Staff that need to travel to other schools are having a hard time getting out and if we would need emergency vehicles to get into the upper campus, they could not. 
  • Make sure that you sign your child out on the clipboard.
  • Do not take another child home without that permission having gone through the office.
  • Wait inside of Hanson to pick up all 4th and 5th graders that walk over from LES. Do not attempt to pull such students from their line.


Thanks for your help with these details. Working together we can make sure that dismissal is safe and orderly for all.

Tom Ledue